Getting to Know Lucas Oil Touring 12 Driver: Jonathan Findley

Mooresville, NC 5/26/21 – Over the past three season’s Lucas Oil Touring 12 driver Jonathan Findley has competed regularly on the CARS Late Model Stock Tour. The Virginia native broke through a season ago for his first career win and finished 7th in the championship standings, the best of his career.


We will take a in depth look at Jonathan’s career on the track, but also what the youngster does away from the track on a regular basis.


Jonathan Findley….On the Track


Hometown: Bristow, VA                                                                      Car Number: #4

Favorite Track: Caraway Speedway                                                   Sponsors: Solid Rock Carriers


CARS Tour Starts: 23      Wins: 1         Top 5’s: 3         Top 10’s: 8       Earnings: $32,400


What sums up Jonathan Findley at the race track?

“Well typically at the track I like to stay to myself. I feel like I am there to do a job and I like to focus on that priority, which is to win the race. I think people have learned that about me on the tour. It’s not that I don’t want to interact with people, it’s just the business-like approach I have on every race weekend.”


What is the most distinct memory of competing in the CARS Tour, and what is your impact on the series?

“Without question it was last year’s win at Dominion Raceway. It was my first career win on the tour, but it was not only big for me, but it was huge for my family as well. I showed not only everyone else, but also ourselves that we have what it takes to win at the CARS Tour level.”


“When it comes to thinking about my impact on the series over the year’s and in the future it would be to show proof to everyone that no matter how big or small of a team you are competing with, if you work hard and keep pushing forward it will eventually come to you. And when it does it is a feeling of achievement I can’t really explain in words.”


Jonathan Findley….Off the Track


Hobbies: Shooting Guns                                                          Job/Career: Mechanical Contractor

Vacation Location: Pigeon Forge, TN                                       Unknown Skill: Hide and Seek



Who is Jonathan Findley away from the track?

“Away from the track I would say I am pretty average guy, if that make sense? I work a full time job for a mechanical contracting company, so that keeps me busy every day. I would like to one day work for the federal government in some form or fashion, like my grandparents both did. But when I’m not working my normal job during the day in the afternoons and nights I go work on the car. Working on the car is something I do enjoy because it is time spent with my family. But when I do have some free time, which isn’t very often, I am always down for a good time with my family and friends.”


What is it that you would want people who don’t know Jonthan Findley, away from the track, to know about you?

“I guess the one thing that I would want people to understand about me away from the track, is that my personality and the way I carry myself on a daily basis doesn’t ever change. You could say what you see, is what you get. That’s import to me and how I think it should be. I don’t want to be fake or be one way at the track and another way away from it. When people know me that understand what they get every day.”


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