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HICKORY, NC (March 23, 2019)- A successful second race of the CARS TOUR season it was for Taylor Gray and Bubba Pollard on Saturday night at Hickory Motor Speedway. Wins did not come easy for either one of them. Both races were aggressive and put on a show for our fans.

The 07 of Bradley McCaskill started strong at the beginning of the race, leading 43 laps. A caution will lead the 74 of Ronald Hill into the pits. Luck was not on Hill’s side all weekend long, and the bad luck streak hit yet again early in the race.

Back to green, Taylor Gray takes the lead. Although not long after that we would be back under caution due to the aggressive 18 car of Ty Gibbs getting into the 77 of Trevor Ward. Gibbs received a one lap penalty and was sent to the rear.

Once again, barely making it to lap 52 we see another caution thrown. This wreck caused damage to the 99 of Layne Riggs. As if the race wasn’t interesting enough, we get a dose of irony. The tow truck needed a tow truck! As we get back under green, Gray will continue leading. McCaskill has dropped back to 6th place after a strong lead early in the race.

Mini Tyrrell and Leland Honeyman Jr, both running for rookie of the year, battle it out in the back. Caution after caution, we see these competitors are hungry for a win. Their aggressive racing came to an end when the red flag was thrown with only 23 laps to go. A pile up including Lemke, Matthews, and Hefner. After a long hard battle for everyone all day long, Taylor Gray finally brings home the checkered flag at lap 150 holding off Lemons and Berry.

Kodie Connor scored the MAHLE Pole Award for the MTP Tire 300 at Hickory Motor Speedway. Kodie has been fighting sickness all weekend long, but he managed to grab the pole and kick off the race. Bubba Pollard who entered the race on race day will start in the third position. Josh Berry will pull a double duty at Hickory this weekend. After completing the Late Model Stocks in his 88, he completed the Super Late Model race in the 97. We saw Wyatt Alexander started of the race strong as he led. The lead was taken from him by Setzer, who is very strong at this race track.

After the first 40 laps we see the supers start to get just as aggressive at the late model stocks. Damage to Hollis, Pope, and Bayne after a spin on the front stretch. Berry and Setzer battled for the lead with 40 laps remaining, but Berry spins in turn 4 causing him to lose the lead. Helmuth was disappointed with how Wyatt Alexander got into her and damaged her car. The 96 of Alexander was sent to the rear for his actions.

Pollard scores his second victory in a row with the CARS Tour Super Late Models. Pollard showed up to the race track on Saturday and entered the race. After the spur of the moment decision, he comes home with the victory. We’ve learned early that Pollard will be a tough one to beat this season. However, the talent we’ve seen in the field won’t be letting him take the checkered easily.

The CARS Tour resumes action in less than two weeks at Orange County Speedway paying $30,000 to win, the richest late model stock race in history of the discipline, paying even more than the prestigious event at Martinsville Speedway, also one of the single biggest paying late model events of any kind in the United States.

For more information on the CARS Tour, visit their website at www.carsracingtour.com. Fresh content and updates can also be found on the series Facebook page (@carstour), Twitter (@carstour), Instagram (@cars_tour), Snapchat (@carstour) and Youtube channel (/carstour). The series Roku app is also available for installation to see live and on-demand events by following the instructions found at www.carstour.tv.


CARS Late Model Stock Tour
MTP Tire 300
Hickory Motor Speedway - March 23, 2019

1. 17 Taylor Gray
2. 27 Tommy Lemons Jr
3. 1P Brody Pope
4. 88 Josh Berry
5. 22 Bobby McCarty
6. 07 Bradley McCaskill
7. 08 Deac McCaskill
8. 25 Zack St Onge
9. 12 Austin McDaniel
10. 17P Stacy Puryear
11. 4 Jonathan Findley
12. 81 Mini Tyrrell
13. 54 Tanner Gray
14. 77 Trevor Ward
15. 2 Brandon Pierce
16. 15 Ryan Millington
17. 95 Jacob Heafner
18. 63 Tyler Matthews
19. 98 Adam Lemke
20. 01 Camden Guillie
21. 4H Leland Honeyman
22. 57 Justin Carroll
23. 14 Vince Midas
24. 99 Layne Riggs
25. 4W Dylon Wilson
26. 74 Ronald Hill
27. 18 Ty Gibbs
28. 1 Craig Moore
29. 19 Cameron Bowen

CARS Super Late Model Tour
MTP Tire 300
Hickory Motor Speedway - March 23, 2019

1. 26P Bubba Pollard
2. 6 Brandon Setzer
3. 54 Matt Craig
4. 78 Corey Heim
5. 14 Jared Fryar
6. 37 Dan Speeney
7. 45 Kodie Conner
8. 96 Wyatt Alexander
9. 21B Bronson Butcher
10. 97 Josh Berry
11. 17 Mike Speeney
12. 16 Molly Helmuth
13. 8 Tate Fogleman
14. 00 Anthony Cataldi
15. 34 Nolan Pope
16. 49 Jeff Batten
17. 27 Tyler Church
18. 22 Tim Hollis
19. 21 Trey Bayne
20. 26R Christian Rose