(Mooresville, NC 1/11/22) The CARS Tour has been preparing to launch their Pro Late Model Tour in the upcoming season, but now, additional benefits and money are on the line for competitors. The program itself has already reached national attention from teams all over and is expected to produce an impressive car count at its launch in March.

The CARS Tour is pleased to share with all competitors a new end-of-year bonus fund, which will include $25,000 in bonus money for the Pro Late Model division. The PLM Champion will receive a guaranteed $7,500 with the remaining balance distributed to the top nine in owners’ championship points standings.

To be eligible for the end-of-year bonus monies, competitors must compete in ten (10) out of twelve (12) CARS Tour scheduled Pro Late Model events. This program will be based on car owners’ points allowing for flexibility in driver assignments.

Questions have arisen regarding Pro Late Model engines. The series has created a program in which competitors may not need to rebuild their motors. Pro Late Model Teams who do not need to freshen/rebuild their engines at this time may take them to one of the following engine builders listed below to verify the horsepower and torque ratio of the engine. If the engine performs in the satisfactory range, a CARS Tour seal will be installed. The series seal will only be honored in 2022 and ONLY at CARS Tour events.

CARS Tour seals are now available at the following locations. If you have a motor that does not need re-built at this time, you may take it to one of these locations and get it SEALED for 2022.

I. Charlie’s Automotive (Apex, NC)
Primary Contact: Charlie Long 919-362-1740

II. PME Engines (Mooresville, NC)
Primary Contact: Dennis 704-664-6800

III. RW Engines (Sevierville, TN)
Primary Contact: Robbie White 865-368-4067

ATTENTION: The ONLY engine combination that will receive a 25 lb weight break and does not have to run the 1.25 restrictors will be the UNALTERED GM 604 with factory seals installed.