Alternative Format and Bonus Money in Five Select CARS Super Late Model Tour Races for 2021 Season

Mooresville, NC 2/16/21 – In five select races this season, CARS Super Late Model Tour teams will face a different format of competition and the opportunity to earn bonus money for multiple drivers.


The format and bonus money will be up for grabs at the season opening event on March 20th at Hickory, followed by Hickory Throwback 276 (7/31), Motor Mile (8/28), Tri-County (9/11), and the season finale at South Boston (10/16).


The “Fast 4ward Challenge” will give a bonus money opportunity to the top four fastest qualifiers. Once these cars are “locked in” to the top four after qualifying, they will have the option to start in the rear (in inverted order). There will be bonus money for any/all of the locked in cars who elect to start in the rear and finish within the top four positions. The bonus money structure will be as follows: The race winner will receive a bonus of $3,000. The second-place car will receive a bonus of $2,000. The third-place finisher will receive a bonus of $1,500. And finally, the fourth-place finisher will receive a bonus of $1,000.


In those same five events, a change in the tire rule will also add to the excitement and make pit strategy an added ingredient to the event.


Prior to the beginning of the second Super Late Model practice session, all teams will bring a mounted scuff tire to the impound area. This tire can be inspected by series officials if they wish to do so while impounded.



As the cars push through pre-qualifying tech, the one scuff tire will be placed on the left front along with three stickers on the other three corners.


During the pace laps of the Super Late Model event, one (1) sticker tire will be released from impound to the pit area. One (1) additional scuff tire can be present in the pit area. At any time under a competition caution, teams may elect to change any tire except the left front and maintain their pit entrance position – when joining the rear of the field. If there is a tire change made during a closed pit or a regular caution, the car will simply join the rear end of the field.



“We hope these new changes will give more drivers the opportunity to earn bonus money, while adding some strategy into the races,” explained Series Owner, Jack McNelly. “I think it will create some comers and goers throughout the race and that’s what people want to see. At the same time, it gives options to the teams to decide on strategy, without adding any additional cost for new tires. It is great that our season opener for the Super Late Models is on March 20th. We will implement these new changes in order to see how they work right away and make any additional adjustments as we see fit.”


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