Formed in the fall of 2014 by owner Jack McNelly, the CARS Tour was built out of the remnants of the former Pro Cup Series. The CARS sanctioning body, continuing a desire to create a viable option for quality pavement racing throughout the Carolinas and beyond, formed the dual division CARS Tour. Featuring both super late models and late model stock cars competing on the same night at the same track, the CARS Tour is the first series of its kind to host two premier divisions under the same banner, at the same track and as part of the same event.


Late Model Stock Car Division

Born in the Carolinas, Late Model Stock Cars have been the premier car raced at local and regional tracks in the Mid-Atlantic for decades. Today, the purpose-built racers weigh in around 3100 lbs. and utilize both factory-designed crate and custom-built racing engines. The power plants produce over 400 horsepower underneath a fiberglass body built to withstand the rigors of short track racing without the weight of stock body panels. The machines stop by using the same stock-style GM brake calipers found on many passenger cars today. These race cars carry a huge following of both fans and drivers alike.


Pro Late Model Division

The fastest growing division in asphalt short track racing, the Pro Late Model division affords the competitor the opportunity to compete in full bodied stock cars at a lower budget than other classes being campaigned throughout the country's many short tracks. These cars feature a purpose-built chassis, fiberglass bodies, and engines capable of producing 425-440 HP. The engines are inspected and "sealed" by "series approved" engine builders/rebuilders. This basically prohibits competitors from having their engines worked on to gain an advantage over others by using non-conforming parts or performing unapproved modifications to the engine. With the "seal program" the cost of the engine is kept under control. Additionally, since these engines are restricted to the amount of horse power and RPM they can produce, the engines have a longer "life expectancy"----saving teams money on maintenance. The "Pros," as they are referred to, have an overall minimum weight of 2800 with a maximum of 58% of the weight on the left side of the car. This weight package combined with the "crate" engine that only produces 425 HP is an excellent combination for the driver beginning his/her career in stock car racing. The driver is able to gain experience with the handling characteristics of the cars as the suspension and tires are the same as that used in other more advanced classes.


Solid Rock Carriers CARS Tour

Solid Rock Carriers, which is based out of LaGrange, North Carolina and owned by Kirk Ipock, is a trucking business that transports refrigerated products and has been in business since 1997. The company has over 50 employees and operates a fleet with over 40 trucks. Solid Rock Carriers has been the title sponsor of the CARS Tour since the 2020 season.